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Well Water System Installation & Service in Indianapolis

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Well Water System Installation & Service in Indianapolis​

Water is essential to your health and survival, so why wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to make sure your water was the best quality? From taste to what’s in it, filtered water is just better overall which is where we come in. Not only is filtered water better, but it can help prevent the many negatives that can come without one.

If you didn’t know, iron is present in a lot of the water that comes straight out of the tap and is a huge cause of all kinds of annoying or costly things. From stained clothes in your washing machine to discolored pipes, high iron concentration is to blame and Indianapolis has just that problem.

At B&B Water Solutions, we have a system for all kinds of water problems and that includes wells. Many wells are older and have built up iron over the years which seeps into your water and affects everything it touches. However, there are multiple kinds that could be an issue and we like to address each one.

If you’d prefer to just ask one of our professionals, call us now at 765-561-2308 for a free consultation and estimate. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more!

Some Iron is Ne-Ferrous

If you’ve ever poured salt or sugar into water and watched it dissolve, you know how hard it is to tell that it’s there. Ferrous iron acts the same way, which can make it difficult to realize you have a problem and many filters don’t separate it. The worst part is that most people don’t know they’re in trouble until it’s already done it’s damage with stains on your clothes and plumbing.

You might be wondering how something that you can’t see can affect you, but oxidization basically means that something changes when exposed to air. The same way that blood turns red, ferrous iron leaves behind stains of red and orange when it sits on a surface. This can occur anywhere that water runs in your home and, if you notice it, you might consider calling us for well water system installation or service in Indianapolis.

Putting the Fe in Ferric

Puns aside, ferric iron is one that you can see as a problem because of the orange-tint that it has. Where ferrous iron has to oxidize to be visible, ferric iron has already gone through the process in your well and adds solid sediments in your water. Don’t worry if you’re getting confused about the difference between ferrous and ferric – we’ll help figure out which you’re dealing with when you call us for well water system installation & service in indianapolis. For obvious reasons, you’ll want it filtered out no matter which you have.

You Shouldn't Collude With Colloidal Iron

Let’s say you already have a filter on the sink faucet and wonder why you would need one of ours. Unfortunately, many traditional filters aren’t designed to touch colloidal iron and therefore let it pass through into your water.

With our filters created specifically to remove nano-particles, you can use the faucet knowing that your well water is cleaner and the best quality. To avoid getting into chemistry too much, colloidal iron is basically tiny sediment dipped in iron and you don’t want to drink that if you don’t have to, right?


Did You Know About Bacterial Iron?

While not bacterial in nature, organic iron brings bacteria into your water supply because it’s in a lot of wells across the country. To make it worse, it’s usually slime bacteria which is as gross as it sounds, and it’s definitely one of the most common reasons we’re contacted for well water system installation & service in Indianapolis 

You might have seen slime bacteria if you’ve ever noticed a jello-looking gunk in the corner of your toilet tank or near the drain of your tub. The easiest way to spot if you have organic iron in your water is the glass test, which is to fill up a clear glass with water and hold it up to a light. If the water isn’t clear and looks dirty, you might have organic iron.

To make matter worse, organic iron is the cause of serious or permanent stains on your clothing if you use chlorine in your washer. Put simply, the chlorine and organic iron have a bad reaction in water and your clothes pay the price with an ugly new color. Essentially, the way that organic iron becomes bacterial is because slime bacteria like to feed on the particles of iron in water reserves like your well or the water source that drains into your well. Once the bacteria gets into your home’s water supply, you’ll begin to notice dirty-looking water, stained clothes and pipes, and possibly disgusting slime bacteria plopped in the corner of your toilet tank.

Other Ways to Know

As mentioned earlier, there are all kinds of things that can be in your water and iron is just one of the many particulates that can affect your home. Because we’re thorough, we like to check your water for tannin, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese as well as iron.

That’s because hydrogen sulfide causes a foul stench in your water and tannin can actually be mistaken for iron if not tested for separately. Otherwise, you could end up with a filter system that removes iron and leaves tannin or vice versa. Personally, we wouldn’t want any of those particulates in our water whether it’s drinking, bathing, laundry, or washing dishes.

Call us today at 765-561-2308 if you need help with a well water treatment system in Indianapolis.

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