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Cleaner Water Treatment System Installation in Lawrenceburg, IN

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Filtered Water Treatment System Installation in Lawrenceburg, IN

There’s more to water treatment system installation in Lawrenceburg IN than the actual install. While our systems are built to last, they do need maintenance from time to time which is why we do all of it. If you’re tired of drinking dirty water or want to be nicer to your skin, you have nothing to lose by giving us a call today!

Many homeowners don’t realize what goes into their water or where it comes from, but our water treatment system installation in Lawrenceburg, IN means you don’t have to. One reason for this is because we make sure what’s going on with your water in order to give you the best filtration.

One thing that we’ve noticed is that a lot of our customers don’t notice anything wrong or different about their water until they’ve tried it after we’re done installing a system. There are all kinds of elements and chemicals that leave traces in your water before we’ve filtered them out to give you the water you deserve.

If you’re still on the fence, consider our name: B&B Water Solutions. We chose that name because we’ve got the answer to your water problems and we’ve satisfied customers for years with out water treatment system installation in Lawrenceburg, IN, so call today at 765-561-2308 for your free consultation and estimate!

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Need a water softener in Indianapolis? We’ve got it covered!

Go H-2-OH with Water Treatment System Installation in Lawrenceburg, IN

One thing that we always recommend is to take advantage of any type of home construction taking place. Any time there’s work being done on your home or it’s being built in the first place, a lot of the pipes that we need to get to are already exposed, which makes things easier for us. That makes getting a water treatment system installation in Lawrenceburg, IN easier for you, too!

We don’t know about you, but we used to go through water bottles all the time and that kind of excess plastic use it terrible for the Earth. Our water treatment system installation in Lawrenceburg, IN will help you cut down or eliminate how many bottles you use. To start helping the environment today, give us a call at 765-561-2308 and get your water filtered.

Know What You're Drinking

Our water treatment systems can hold up for a long time, but nothing can last forever. Maintenance is part of the reality with any installation, which is why we’re fully trained for it.

On the other hand, we also understand that life has a way of changing things. Maybe the system you chose in the beginning was designed for just you, but a few years later you’ve got a family with kids. Whatever the case, our systems are designed to be upgraded!

We’re happy to do it while being fair to you, but it’s also important to mention our ten-year warranty that leads the industry. That way we can account for the positives or negatives of life and still get you the help you need. All you have to do is call us and we’ll make sure we fix things in a timely fashion.

We also want you to know that we’re trained to work on installations done by other companies, too. If any of the above happen, it doesn’t matter if your water treatment system installation in Lawrenceburg was done by us or someone else. Contact us at 765-561-2308 to find out more about our services or systems.

It's Always Good to Have a Warranty

Transparency is the mark of a great company and we like to make sure our customers are aware of everything we do with no “funny business.” The reason that we feel so secure in our honesty is because a lot of our systems have an industry-leading warranty of 10 years! Not only does that mean you can feel safer for a full decade, but you won’t be paying for a system that has one thing go wrong and have to deal with financial issues. However, our warranties vary from system to system.

To find out more, all you have to do is call and ask us about the system you want or find out more about all of them. We’re homeowners and human beings, too, so we know how it goes when a company tries to sell you on something. Because of that, though, we wouldn’t tell you about the systems that come with a warranty unless it was actually worth your time and money.

For a full list of our systems, which ones have what warranty, or the many services we offer, call 765-561-2308 today and talk with our experts. You literally lose nothing by getting a free estimate that could give you filtered water!

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B&B Water Solutions

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I requested quotes from 6 companies and Ray was the only one who responded. I had researched how much it should cost and the price was right on the mark. Considering his responsiveness and his pleasant attitude, we hired him. The new softener is working perfectly.
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Margaret L.
Install Water Treatment & Purification System
Very consultative and explained all our options. Very good communicator.....tested water before and after install. Came on time and had a very clean install. I highly recommend them.
Paul H.
Install Water Treatment & Purification System
They were fast, professional and affordable. Ray was very knowledgeable and went over everything with me. I would definitely recommend!
Carly S.
Install a Water Softener
Very proactive and fit to the needs of the individual. Professional and timely.
Sarah P.
Install Water Treatment & Purification System

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